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The glass desk screen dividers help protect people from viruses in busy office environments.


Partition Finish

  • Fabric: 107 colors available
  • MFC tile: 13 options
  • Glass: transparent glass / frosted glass / colored glass
  • Metal tile
  • Whiteboard
  • Acoustic panel
  • Pin board
  • Magnetic board


The above are regular options. If you have special needs,

we welcome customization. 

desk screen,protective screens for desks

Packaging Logic

  • We split the whole package into bulk to achieve flat packing, reducing the space utilization by 80% and reducing the freight cost.
  • The elements of office furniture are split into A.B.C.D.E package, so that components can be quickly found.
  • In order to make the product easier to identify, load and unload, we mark the floor, area, color, size, 3D drawing and other basic information on the outside of the package of each product element.
  • In order to protect the product from damage caused by transportation, we equip bubble wrap and corner protector inside the package.
desk screen,protective screens for desks