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The first flexible chair has 6D space aluminum armrests, with 180 degrees of super-freedom rotation and adjustment functions. The frame adopts a "herringbone" design, which embodies the humanitarian concept. The "A" series took eight years to design. It has powerful functions and a strong three-dimensional sense. We will never stop with original design and make the world fall in love with Chinese design.

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Design concept


A1 is a 6D ergonomic office chair. The frame adopts a "人"

design. Viewed from the front, it looks like a pyramid with a

sharp top and a wide bottom. The top is small and the bottom

is wide to support safety and stability, showing generosity

and stability. The first flexible chair, the waist and back are

separated and fit closely to the waist to provide support. It

has 6D space aluminum armrests with 180° superfreedom

rotation and adjustment functions, embodying the humanitarian

concept. It is also like a "key" that opens the door to wisdom,

helping you solve difficulties in work and life.

office chairs,ergonomic office chairs,mesh office chairs



  • Intelligent induction tilt
  • Footrest
  • Intelligent induction chassis
  • "S" shaped movable waist
  • Neck protection headrest
  • Waist and back separation
  • Large arc seat cushion
  • 6D aluminum alloy PU armrest
  • Air pressure rod
  • Aluminum alloy feet
  • Casters

office chairs,ergonomic office chairs,mesh office chairs
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