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Our small file cabinets are perfect for home offices or as an addition to your workspace.

Archive cabinet,Filing cabinet,Folder storage


  • With its curved corners, this cabinet boasts a softer and

more inviting appearance, adding a touch of sophistication

to any workspace. 


  • We've taken versatility to the next level by allowing you

to customize the top of the cabinet with a cushion,

transforming it into a comfortable seat. Now you can have

a multifunctional piece of furniture that not only stores your

documents but also serves as a convenient seating option

for colleagues and guests. 


  • Experience the perfect blend of style and practicality

with our Mobile File Cabinet. Upgrade your office with

a statement piece that offers both storage and seating


Archive cabinet,Filing cabinet,Folder storage

Move and store as you like

  • Simple Metal Handle: Our product features a sleek and elegant metal handle that adds a touch of sophistication to any drawer.


  • Single Layer Extraction: Each drawer can be conveniently pulled out individually. Once one drawer is opened, the rest automatically lock in place, ensuring stability and security.


  • Smooth Glide with 3-Section Ball Bearing Slides: We have implemented a high-quality 3-section ball bearing slide mechanism, enabling effortless and smooth drawer operation.


  • Enhanced Maneuverability: Equipped with four swivel casters, our product offers customizable mobility. You can easily choose the direction of movement according to your needs. Each unit can support a weight of up to 25kg, providing ample storage capacity.






Files at your fingertips

  • Designed to meet all your storage needs, this sleek and

stylish cabinet is a perfect blend of functionality and aes-

thetics. With its vibrant Macaron color palette and a whop-

ping 31 color options to choose from, you can now add a

pop of personality to your workspace. 


  • But that's not all! We offer two unique drawer designs,

allowing you to customize your storage experience. Whe-

ther you prefer the classic pull-out drawers or the conven-

ient sliding cabinets, we have you covered. 

Archive cabinet,Filing cabinet,Folder storage

Packaging Logic

It is delivered fully assembled and packaged in a sturdy cardboard box to ensure safe and secure shipping. You don't have to worry about any complicated assembly or setup processes - simply unbox it and start using it right away!

Archive cabinet,Filing cabinet,Folder storage
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