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Our mobile file cabinets offer easy access to your files and documents wherever you need them.

Paperwork cabinet,Document storage,Filing cabinet


  • With its sleek curved corners, this cabinet exudes a gentle

and modern aesthetic, elevating the overall look of your



  • We've taken functionality to the next level by incorporating

an open storage tray on top of the cabinet. This tray provides

a perfect spot to keep essential documents or even add a

touch of greenery with small potted plants. Now you can

have quick access to important files or add a refreshing

touch of nature to your work environment.


  • Experience the perfect combination of elegance and practicality

with our Mobile File Cabinet. Transform your office into a

harmonious and organized space, where functionality and

aesthetics seamlessly merge.

Paperwork cabinet,Document storage,Filing cabinet

Move and store as you like

  • Simple Metal Handle: Our product features a sleek and elegant metal handle that adds a touch of sophistication to any drawer.


  • Single Layer Extraction: Each drawer can be conveniently pulled out individually. Once one drawer is opened, the rest automatically lock in place, ensuring stability and security.


  • Smooth Glide with 3-Section Ball Bearing Slides: We have implemented a high-quality 3-section ball bearing slide mechanism, enabling effortless and smooth drawer operation.


  • Enhanced Maneuverability: Equipped with four swivel casters, our product offers customizable mobility. You can easily choose the direction of movement according to your needs. Each unit can support a weight of up to 25kg, providing ample storage capacity.








storage function

  • The top drawer is designed to hold a pen holder,

keeping your writing utensils within easy reach while

you work.


  • The largest drawer is versatile enough to accom-

modate a range of file sizes, including letter files, A4

files, and FC files. Additionally, the drawer can be

configured to allow for hanging file storage, making

it even more convenient for organizing your documents.

Paperwork cabinet,Document storage,Filing cabinet

Packaging Logic

It is delivered fully assembled and packaged in a sturdy cardboard box to ensure safe and secure shipping. You don't have to worry about any complicated assembly or setup processes - simply unbox it and start using it right away!

Paperwork cabinet,Document storage,Filing cabinet
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