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SOHO IW optimizes the footing of the basic model to achieve higher flexibility. It aims to help people explore the use of space and quickly change to meet future needs.

  • Edge banding
  • Super slim screen
  • Connector connection
  • Wire box
  • Adjustable connecting bar
  • Keel Tray
  • Mid leg
  • Paper controller
  • Single steel drawer
  • Surface treatment
Home office desk,soho desk,office furniture


Make it easy to change the size

  • Length to adjust: 1200mm-1800mm
  • Pulling adjustable connecting bar makes it possible to be all the size/height of the

desk frame you  want.

  • If you have this product in stock, you will have various sizes of desk frame because

of the changable length.


Electricity wires management

  • Usually the workstation looks untidy because of the disorderly electricity wires,

which may influence working efficiency. This product does not have this problem,

because we hide the power cable and data cable.

  • A magnetic field provided by energized electricity wires will weaken the signals

of data cable. We propose to use Keel Tray to separate these two kinds of wires

to keep stable signals.


Getting the power from the single desk

  • The power box on the table top of the workstation can provide power and data

for each employee in their own working space.

Home office desk,soho desk,office furniture

Table Leg Design

Solutions for table leg

  • The same office benching workstation can be quickly changed different table legs.
  • We use 3mm thick die-cast aluminum alloy instead of plastic adjustable foot, because the crisp nature of plastic makes it easy to burst when subjected to temperature changes.

Technological Design

  • The VL series table legs are made of solid die-cast aluminum, which can easily bear the weight of 200Kg. Because the solid die-cast technology makes the table legs stronger.

Optional Accessory

  • There are four kinds of screens on the desk, namely,  writing board, pin board, accessory rail and magnetic board.
  • The single steel drawer fixed at the bottom of the table can store small objects.
  • There are many types of lockers for users to choose from.
Home office desk,soho desk,office furniture

Packaging Logic

  • We use the method of disassembling to carry out flat packing, reducing the space

utilization by 80%,thereby reducing the freight cost.

  • We split the components of office furniture into A.B.C.D.E package, so we can

quickly find a component when looking for it.

  • We mark the basic information such as floor, area, color, size, 3D drawing, etc.on the

outside of the package of each product element, so that the product is easier to identify and load and unload.

  • The bubble wrap and corner protector inside the package can protect the product

from damage caused by transportation.

Home office desk,soho desk,office furniture
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