Planter cabinet

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Choose from a variety of materials and finishes to match your office decor and style.

planter cabinet,File storage,Document storage


  • Dual functionality: The standout feature of a flowerbed file cabinet

is its dual functionality. It serves as a functional file cabinet for

storing documents and files, while also doubling as a decorative

flowerbed for housing plants and flowers. This innovative design

allows for efficient use of space, especially in environments

where both storage and greenery are desired.


  • Aesthetic appeal: The flowerbed file cabinet adds a touch of

natural beauty to any space. It enhances the overall aesthetics

by incorporating living plants and flowers, creating a visually

pleasing environment. The combination of greenery and storage

creates a harmonious blend of practicality and nature.


  • Space optimization: This unique cabinet design optimizes space

utilization by incorporating a flowerbed on top. By utilizing vertical

space effectively, it maximizes storage capacity while adding a

refreshing touch to the surroundings. The cabinet drawers or

compartments provide ample storage for documents, stationery,

or other office supplies.

planter cabinet,File storage,Document storage

Regular size

  • W600*D400*H1600
  • W750*D400*H1600
  • W800*D400*H1600
  • W900*D400*H1600
  • W750*D400*H2100
  • W750*D400*H2100
  • W800*D400*H2100
  • W900*D400*H2100

If you have special size requirements,

welcome to contact us.

Appearance Function

  • Full wood
  • 1mm pvc edge
  • partical board
  • with adjusted shelfwith 2 adjusted shelves and 1 fixedshelf
  • lock and key
planter cabinet,File storage,Document storage

constituent element

  • Our desks come in a range of 14 different colors,

making it easy to find the perfect match for your

office or home decor. 


  • Each desk is made with a 25mm thick particle

board covered in high-quality melamine paper,

ensuring durability and longevity. 


  • With its scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean surface,

our desks are designed to withstand the wear

and tear of everyday use, while also adding a

touch of style to your workspace. 

planter cabinet,File storage,Document storage

Packaging Logic

We complete flat packing by deleaving it, reducing space utilisation by 80% from whole to bulk and shrinking freight costs.

planter cabinet,File storage,Document storage
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