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M1S2 Sit-to-Stand Tables

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The m1s2 is equipped with a motor to lift the table. The motor has no noise and can realize smooth and seamless conversion of different working postures. The user can control the motor through the touch button with up and down arrows, and can store four most commonly used height parameters for one key control.

Single motor desk,height adjustable table,sit stand desk

Original Intention



Single Motor Series

The advancement of linear drive technology has given the

opportunity to restructure and innovate the office space.

Designers, through a wealth of lifting system products, get

in touch with the infinite possibilities of creating smart office

furniture and office and living spaces.


Perhaps we have become accustomed to the same interior

design,they are motionless, have fixed high speeds, and do

not change functions. But in fact, this is not the real demand

of people, but should be a height-adjustable desk, and M1S2

Sit-to-Stand Tables fulfills this demand.

Single motor desk,height adjustable table,sit stand desk

A Better Way To Work



Work Efficiently

The speed of the Single Motor Height Adjustable Desk reaches 25mm/s, and it only takes 8 seconds to complete the whole process of lifting, which reduces the waiting time for users and keeps the working status uninterrupted.


Smart Features

The running sound is less than 50dB, which protects employees from being disturbed when they are concentrating on their work; the 4-speed memory function records different postures and responds quickly.

Basic Parameters


  • Leg Orientation:Square
  • Height Range:710~1170mm / 2 stage
  • Speed:25mm/s (2 stage)
  • Foot Length:700mm
  • Frame Size:1150~1600mm
  • Max Loading:100kg
  • Bracket:600mm
  • Table leg section size:90mm*60mm
  • Table leg wall thickness:2mm
Single motor desk,height adjustable table,sit stand desk

Packing Logic


  • 4 types of desk screens: writing board, pin board, accessory rail and magnetic board.
  • The single steel drawer fixed to the bottom of the desk provides a habitat for small objects.
  • There is a wide range of storage options for users.
Single motor desk,height adjustable table,sit stand desk

Optional Accessory


  • We complete flat packing by deleaving it, reducing space utilisation by 80% from whole to bulk and shrinking freight costs.
  • The interior of the package is divided into upper and lower layers. First, use nylon bags to pack the table legs and adjustable connecting bar, then put them into the pearl cotton bag, and put them into the packing box in turn.
Single motor desk,height adjustable table,sit stand desk