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FT3 is flexible, high-level office system. It provide open view, with the two two combination, it united T3 and SLF deskleg outstanding element, it shows new space design, to become the most flexible. 

  • Interlocking installation
  • Corner connection
  • Vertical pole
  • End trim
  • Pole bracket
  • Cable channel
  • Hanging bracket
  • Accessories groove
  • Wires from ceiling
Office cubicle,office partition,T shaped partition


Design Concept

  • FT3 is an office cubicle workstation composed of 32mm thick T3 partition

and SLF table legs.Plastic snake collects power cable through the grounding

slot to present a cleaner table top.


Partition Connecting

  • The partition and the partition are installed by interlocking, without any

screws, so the installation is convenient and fast. 

Office cubicle,office partition,T shaped partition

Table Leg Design

Solutions for table leg

  • An office benching workstation can change different table legs quickly.
  • We choose 3mm thick die-cast aluminum alloy but not plastic as adjustable foot, because the fragile plastic is possible to burst with the changing temperatures.

Technological Design

  • The suspended design between table top and table frame makes the outline of the office system clearer.
  • We use Dual-head saw to cut at 45 °, then combine and splice them into rectangles, and finally complete welding and grinding.


Partition Finish

  • Fabric: 107 colors available
  • MFC tile: 13 options
  • Glass: transparent glass / frosted glass / colored glass
  • Metal tile
  • Whiteboard
  • Acoustic panel
  • Pin board
  • Magnetic board


The above are regular options. If you have special needs,

we welcome customization. 

Office cubicle,office partition,T shaped partition

Packaging Logic

  • We complete flat packing by deleaving it, reducing space utilisation by 80%

from whole to bulk and shrinking freight costs.

  • We divide the elements of office furniture into A.B.C.D.E package,so that they

can be found quickly when looking for a particular component.

  • The outside of each product element's packing displays basic information

such as floor, area, colour, size and 3D drawing to make the product easier to identify and load.

  • The interior of the packing is equipped with bubble wrap and corner protector

to protect the product from damage caused by shipping.

Office cubicle,office partition,T shaped partition