Zhufang Architectural Design | Activate social interaction and emotions in industrial style office space





When Zhufang Architectural Design designed Majorel China's call center in Changzhou, it combined

the site's own spatial conditions and architectural style, integrating clay bricks, blackened metal,

and transparent Changhong into an industrial-style office environment. Material elements such as

glass and natural wood create an office space with architectural charm.





Energize your space and have fun at work


As a leading international enterprise service provider, Majorel China takes "Driven to Go Further" as

its brand vision, is committed to innovation, and creates an inclusive work environment. The call

center located in Changzhou needs to meet the needs of more than 300 employees. need. Majorel's

goal is to create a happy workplace environment for a space dominated by young people - to make

everyone fall in love with the office space, "Be Happy" and experience happiness at work.


In the Majorel space, there is no need for clear boundaries between work and social interaction. It

encourages interaction and social interaction among employees. In addition to relaxing work pressure,

it also gathers in the form of a "community" to promote business exchanges and team collaboration.


How to make employees fall in love with the space and work happily through the design of the office

space has always been a question that Zhufang considered during the design process. The original

space structure is divided into 9-meter and 6-meter areas in terms of height. In terms of functional

planning, the 9-meter hollow area is divided into functions such as the reception area, external

conference room, training room, and tea room. As a call center, a large number of interviewers come

every day. The focus of the front area design is to make every interviewer feel the vitality and happ-

iness of Mai Rui.


The design team took a large spiral staircase as the space design theme, and the flowing curves per-

fectly combine art and industry. This spiraling form is not only in line with the eternal enterprising

spirit in human genes, but also perfectly fits with Majorel's brand values.


The spiral staircase creates an elegant and artistic atmosphere with its smart curves. The artistic fee-

ling produced by the rotation becomes the spiritual symbol of the space, achieving the perfect

coordination of art and industry. The rotating flow of people creates a lively picture and becomes the

core of internal and external, top-down communication. Starting from the entrance, the awning is

designed as a semicircle, echoing the circular staircase in the reception area, while the double-layer

foyer reduces the loss of indoor cold and heating air.





Change the solemn front desk setting of traditional enterprises and replace it with a central island style

that combines stainless steel and terrazzo, making it flexible and casual. The background wall uses a

clay M-shaped pattern lattice, which has the effect of hollowing out and partitioning, and light and

shadow flow freely between it. The red color is warm and enthusiastic, and the rustic materials convey

a quiet charm.


The interview room is an independent "glass box". The hand-painted paintings on the

wall are fluid paintings drawn on site by experienced painters using needles. The colors are bright. On

the flat wall, the paint flows out stripes of colorful lines. Full of joy.





Open and free working model


Open offices enhance people's perception of the environment, space, and other people. Through horizon-

tal and vertical settings, multiple levels of space are formed, thereby increasing the variety of space.

Looking at it from different locations, you can feel the uniqueness of the space. "fragment".

"GO FURTHER" painted in different colors is like an overture, opening up the sound of music in the space.






The original structural columns of the building are decorated with metal mesh, light strips and numer-

ical numbers as departmental divisions. The exposed top surface has a strong industrial aesthetic

atmosphere, with gray as the main color, calm and restrained, and embellished with fresh and full

colors such as pink, green, orange, and blue, making the space full of fun and well neutralizing the

industry. The coldness of the wind.





Each work area is equipped with an open communication space, and a variety of furniture combina-

tions such as bar counters, bar chairs, long tables, round stools, booths, etc. make meeting and

communication easier and informal talks more easy.


Using the concept of "floating island", the extended space on the top of the training room on the first

floor is defined as a multi-functional area, which can be used for flexible working, meeting discussions,

dining, celebrating important moments, etc. In addition to providing a changeable working environment,

it can also be shared by everyone. good time.






The staff restaurant uses green to echo the outdoor natural environment, creating a relaxed and

pleasant dining environment, and can also release stress during busy breaks; the men's and women's

bathrooms choose elegant and black cool floor tiles respectively, and the orange and gray colors of

the wash basins correspond to gender characteristics respectively.





In the post-epidemic era, Majorel's Changzhou office design is more open, unbounded, and flexible,

providing employees with a warm, natural, inclusive, and bright office environment. Dedicate yourself

to work and use space to create a pleasant sense of belonging. When people communicate with each

other in a real and casual manner, extending infinitely from the inside out, people and space grow