Use space quality to convey brand temperament and tell beautiful stories




Beautiful story:

L'Oré al New Coast Headquarters


Under the California sun, L'Oréal's West Coast headquarters emerges as a leader in workplace innov-

ation with its unique design. The 130,000-square-foot office is not only a unified home for L'Oréal's

multiple brands, but also a fluid community where teams and ideas converge around every corner.





Start with a vision


This project aims to present a unified image of L'Oréal's global brand while highlighting the unique charm

of the Californian brand. With a tradition of excellence in innovation, L'Oréal envisioned their new campus

as a space where artistry and imagination can flourish. They chose to work with Blitz, a Los Angeles design

firm known for its humanistic and community-oriented design. Their shared goal was to create a California-

inspired space that would attract employees back to the office.





Design that uplifts the soul


The design is inspired by the rhythm of nature and creates a dynamic and changing atmosphere for the

office space by imitating the changes in light and color at different times of the day.





The calmness of dawn, the brightness of noon and the warmth of sunset divide the office space into

different situations to meet the needs of employees in different working conditions. Areas of personal

focus are represented by calm, soft dawn tones; vibrant collaboration areas, such as shared offices

and conference rooms, are represented by bright, distinct midday tones; rest areas and coffee bars

are represented by warm, saturated sunset tones. Let employees relax and recharge here.





physical connection


Stairs and walkways create physical connections between different floors and areas, while providing internal

topography that allows people to climb to overlook the larger space, its components and the people who

work there.





This design decision was not only to provide easy access between floors, but also to create an exploratory

experience within. Through stairs and walkways, employees can walk up and down the space and observe

the layout and atmosphere of the entire office environment. This not only promotes communication and

interaction among employees, but also makes the office a more dynamic and open workplace.



remember the past


It was originally an aerospace manufacturing warehouse, where thousands of women assembled World War

II-era aircraft. Blitz’s designers cleverly retained this history, perfectly combining industrial elements with

fashionable modern styles, and integrated tribute to this history into the entire design through visual elements

and photo displays.



The “river” that symbolizes community




The core concept of the design is a symbolic "river" that runs through the entire space, like the Los Angeles

River, connecting all social and shared facilities. This design not only promotes interaction between employees

and stimulates new ideas, but also creates personalized spaces for each of L'Oréal's brands.



Well-being and employee growth


Throughout the design, designers fully considered the concept of green office. Through urban gardens, eco-

friendly plantings, indoor and outdoor work spaces, and lots of natural light, they created the ideal environment

for employee wellness and work-life balance.





In addition, L'Oréal's West Coast professional academy ProLAB is also a highlight of the project, providing a

state-of-the-art salon, training studio and flexible event space.