The world will usher in the tide of office renovation




According to a survey by Mace, an architectural consulting company, three quarters of companies

around the world plan to renovate their workplaces in the next two years. A total of more than 4,000

enterprise users from different countries around the world have been surveyed. The data shows that

many companies want to redesign their offices in order to improve the working experiences of

employees and attract more employees back to work after the epidemic.





The companies surveyed include both multinational enterprises and local companies from various

countries, respectively from different industries such as manufacturing, financial services, and

technology. 60% of companies said that improving their employees' office experience is their top

priority. Nearly two thirds (62%) of companies have developed new workplace use strategies for






As for the working habits of employees, almost all companies believe that changes will occur after the

epidemic. Before the epidemic, 48% of companies had all employees working in the office, without

remote mode. After the epidemic, this number will drop to 2%. To improve the office experience of

employees, nearly 60% of companies claim that they will modify the design of the workplace in the

next one to two years, and 28% plan to completely redesign the office space.





The survey also found that the willingness to improve employees' office experience is widespread,

and is not affected by industry, country, company size and other factors. Ross Abbate, director of

Mace's operations department, said: "The survey results show that in order to attract and retain

employees, the company's leadership must provide them with a better working environment, because

the quality of the workplace directly affects the development of the enterprise. Based on the

differences of each industry, workplace designers should deeply analyze the characteristics of industry

needs and provide design solutions that meet the needs of customers."