Staff area design | A good office environment is the key to effectively improving work efficiency



The office area is the area where employees spend the longest time in the entire office space, so the design

of the employee area is particularly important. A good office environment can bring joy to employees and

improve their work efficiency at the same time.



                  PART 01 Design according to the nature and

                  functional requirements of the enterprise


Before carrying out office decoration, it is necessary to design according to the nature of the enterprise and

specific functional requirements to see what kind of layout is more conducive to office work. The planning

and design of the employee office area is divided into departments or small departments, and the personnel

of the same department are generally concentrated in one area.





Open office design is commonly used now, which can not only promote communication and collaboration

among employees, but also stimulate employees' creativity and inspiration. The low partition of the office

can also create a relatively independent working space for each employee.



                  PART 02 The design of the staff area should be

                  consistent with the overall style of the company



The office area is a serious and solemn public place, so when we choose the decoration color, we should

try to use a single color tone in a large area for decoration. If too many colors are used on the office wall,

it is easy to make Employee distraction and slack psychology.





The overall style design of the office area will also be linked to the company's industry. For example: Offices

of banking and financial institutions often use soft and elegant colors, such as silver gray, blue gray and so on.



                  PART 03 The planning and selection of office furniture

                  must meet the actual needs



When designing the employee area, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze and consider the number of

departments in the company and the total number of people in each department, and then plan and distribute

the office area reasonably.





This can not only create a convenient, relaxed and fast office environment for the staff, but also improve the

work coordination and work efficiency among various departments to a certain extent.


The choice of office furniture needs to make employees comfortable and convenient to use, and choose

different functions or different forms of furniture according to the needs of different industries and different




                  PART 04 Sufficient lighting


A well-lit office space improves employee productivity and productivity.


Although the lamps and lanterns in many offices are adequately illuminated at present, they do not have a sense

of hierarchy. They need to be arranged reasonably, combine natural light effects with lighting effects, and make

use of reflected light.





The diversification of light sources greatly improves the atmosphere of the space. The indoor space with

natural light is richer and more layered than the indoor space without natural light.



                  PART 05 Soft decoration and green plants


To create a good first impression, soft decoration and green plants are the necessary design components of

office space.


Paintings on the walls, artwork or photos on the display cabinets; green plants and potted plants placed on

the desks, bookshelves, and indoor corners. These soft furnishings can make the space more dynamic and

adjust the depressive and tense working atmosphere.





If you want the office to play a big role, you need to arrange and divide the office area reasonably, find a

division mode that suits your needs, make better use of each space, and increase the value of office