Siemens Mobility London Headquarters




Siemens Mobility AG is looking to consolidate multiple divisions and move its London headquarters

from two separate premises to an entire floor of the Lantern Building in Euston to create a unified

headquarters. The company aimed to create a building that reflected its global position in the rail

industry while promoting employee collaboration and innovation in a hybrid office model.





Design with collaboration and connection at the core

The design challenge was to design a workspace that encouraged interaction and teamwork. Siemens 

Mobility engaged consulting, design and construction teams to create an inviting environment with 

natural elements and a welcoming atmosphere at its core. As the size of the move shrinks, careful 

planning of workstation spaces, quiet pods, meeting rooms and social areas becomes key to meeting 

diverse work patterns.





Listen, plan and execute

Understanding the needs of a new headquarters is the first step. The team engaged in in-depth discussions

with senior leaders through interactive sessions to explore office usage patterns and adjust strategies based

on key objectives. To address concerns about shrinking office space, the team explained through extensive

interviews, workshops and strategic model presentations how to efficiently support a unified ‘one team’

approach from a single floor. The new office design adopts a humancentered aesthetic as its core, soothing

colors, natural materials and biophilic design principles.





Sustainable development

The space not only meets Siemens Mobility’s core objectives but is a perfect fit with them, providing a 

healthy, sustainable environment that is conducive to collaboration, innovation and customer connection.

Managers at Siemens Mobility expressed pride in achieving this milestone, underlining their commitment

to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.





Project name: Siemens Mobility London Headquarters

Architecture and Interior Design: TSK

Area: 13,000sqft (1209 sqm)

Project photography: TSK