Reception area Design | Front desk and reception area, first impression of office space



The front desk serves as the first impression people have of a company and acts as the company's

business card to the outside world. It is a concentrated representation of the company's culture and

temperament, showcasing the company's strength and highlighting its taste and cultural heritage.

The front desk should present the essence of the company in the simplest and most straightforward

manner to visitors, encapsulating the company's advantages and ideals and conveying its corporate

culture and philosophy in the shortest amount of time.


The design of the front desk needs to encompass various aspects of corporate culture, business

philosophy, and industry domain. Different industries have different requirements for front desk design,

and in the case of office front desks, color and form are the main considerations. It is important to take

into account the company's visual identity (VI) concept when designing the front desk. Many companies

have their own well-developed VI concepts, and visual signage is at the core of corporate culture. The

color scheme and form of the front desk need to be innovative and creative, catching the eye while still

aligning with the company's culture.





The choice of materials for front desk decoration can also contribute to the visual experience. Materials

such as metal and tempered glass give a sense of technology, while wood conveys a sense of solidity.

The selection of materials used in front desk decoration should be based on the characteristics of the

company. Wood veneer panels, glass, and stone materials can be used appropriately, combined with

lighting effects to enhance the texture of the front desk and highlight the company's taste and cultural



In order to facilitate reception and optimize space layout, most companies design a reception area

within the front desk area. The front desk is the visual representation of a company, and the first

impression it gives is crucial. Therefore, the design of the front desk is particularly important. As

part of the front desk, the reception area needs to be designed with consideration for the company's

image and the environmental characteristics of the office space, aiming to create a warm, comfortable,

and practical reception area.




When planning and designing the reception area, it is important to clarify that the front desk reception

area is not a formal negotiation space but a transitional area for temporary conversations and brief

waiting. Therefore, the decorative style does not need to be overly luxurious but should prioritize

comfort. It should not create any resistance for visitors but leave them with an excellent first impression,

which can contribute to the progress of subsequent negotiations and collaborations.


Considering that visitors may sometimes have to wait in the reception area for a period of time, it is

beneficial to provide simple facilities to help them pass the time. For example, a screen can be set up

to play company promotional videos, a magazine rack can be placed with corporate brochures, and a

company culture wall can be used to display the company's culture, history, goals, plans, and products,

indirectly promoting the company's image, deepening impressions, and increasing positive feelings.


Corporate image is highly valued by modern companies. Every company wants to leave an excellent

corporate image in the minds of its partners, and often these impressions are concentrated in the front

desk, conference rooms, and manager's offices. The interior design of office space also reflects a

company's strength, scale, and professionalism. The front desk is the gateway to a company, and the

design of the reception area further demonstrates the company's attitude.