New product: Leading the aesthetic benchmark of modern office chairs




Why Choose Adjustable Desk

Facing young workers who are active in thinking and pursuing individuality, the design of modern

office furniture requires higher-level aesthetic thinking to describe the aesthetic connotation of

modern office and give office furniture a unique artistic soul. Recently, we have launched new

products, looking at the integration of stylized design and office life from M&W's perspective, and

exploring the ingenious combination of modernity and practicality.


With the core concept of "changing the world with you", M&W actively explores broader artistic

fields beyond the boundaries of design, integrates technology and aesthetics into the design of

office chairs, and brings comfort to users who pursue high-quality life. The ultimate office



M&W has achieved perfect artistic presentation on the basis of "people-oriented, technological

empowerment, and aesthetic shaping". In the future, it will fearlessly move forward on the

international stage with more diversified design expressions and bold innovations that are not

reconciled to the status quo, showing The unique creativity of new generation brands.




POLY uses vibrant colors to break the quiet office atmosphere, forming a highly recognizable visual

language, leaving a unique style impression and inspiring space creativity.


It is not limited to specific scenes and can be flexibly placed in diverse office spaces or cozy home

environments to create interesting corners full of tension.






POLY's ingenuity goes beyond that. Its design is inspired by the geometric elements of the space world.

The layered triangular patterns and digital knitting techniques collide to create multiple textures and

weave a three-dimensional relief texture.


This is an office chair that is both fashionable and comfortable. With its lightweight mesh chair features

and unique suspended V-shaped back support structure, every detail contains ergonomic design. Consider.





POLY attempts to rebuild the consensus of the times in the opposition between the traditional boring

office structure and the new work thinking. It uses rich color tones for free interpretation and awakens

more possibilities for space changes in terms of practical functions and furnishing display.





M&W has always believed that office chairs are one of the tools that help people improve the quality

of their working lives. A humanized office environment comes from a comprehensive experience that

combines physical and psychological levels.




YUCAN emphasizes the pleasant touch brought by softness. It has a delicate material and skin-friendly

texture like a cloth chair. The appearance is wrapped with new air-layer fabric to wrap the silhouette

lines, and the honeycomb mesh structure is cleverly used to form the back frame, which is warm, moist

and breathable.






The support of resin materials improves the overall flexibility of the back frame. The roller-type lumbar

support is specially made of TPR thermoplastic rubber material to increase its resilience and make the

lumbar support softer.






The high-elastic foam seat cushion with sufficient thickness maintains softness and has good support.

With the adjustable depth function, users of different body shapes can have a comfortable sitting



With gentle line language and comfortable fabrics, YUCAN brings the perceptual temperature

of home, allowing emotions to flow naturally and body and mind to relax naturally, creating a "sense

of relaxation" in the office and improving employee happiness index.




ARICO is a slim leather chair with a strong sense of design specially designed to serve senior

managers. Its simple contour lines are smooth and neat, showing the charm of high-end quality.




Different from traditional executive chairs, ARICO incorporates Bauhaus concepts in the design

process, focuses on the practicality of the product itself with minimalist design, and explores the

ultimate craftsmanship of slim leather chairs. With just one turn, ARICO changes the tilting force.

Corresponding function labels are also printed on the control keys for clear operation.





ARICO practices practical aesthetics, integrating the spring system to compress the chassis volume

and hiding the delicate mechanical structure under minimalism. The metal fixed armrests of the

bow shaped structure are naturally connected with the chassis support system to create a functional





The design inspiration of the AMOLA series comes from the well-tailored customized suits of elites.

The chair body is made of one-piece molding and exquisite craftsmanship that perfectly fits the body

shape. It is hand-covered with soft textured leather and decorated with even and fine double-sided

stitching to outline clean and distinct contours.




The high-end and pure design aesthetics originate from M&W's thorough understanding of the inte-

gration of meaning and simplicity. AMOLA retains the classic and calm leadership style, and the

fashionable color matching has modern attributes, showing the friendly and comfortable side of the

modern executive space.





M&W hopes to create a high-end modern leather chair with its own brand style. Starting from

the concept of simple aesthetics, it abandons all cumbersome decorations and integrates urban

light luxury into the business office environment, making it elegant and stylish.