Mystic Energys IT department office




Interior design firm Workplace designed a large IT department office for an energy company

located in Wroclaw, Poland. The design uses ecological materials and focuses on comfort,

work quality and neurodiversity design principles.





Workplace was commissioned by an energy company in Wroclaw to design an office space for

a large IT department. The office space was in a separate building from the headquarters

building, and the project needed to be completed quickly. The client wanted the office to have

natural earth tones, lots of greenery and a Scandinavian feel.





Designers Olga Szadkowska, Małgorzata Romanowicz and Daria Żarnoch decided to create a

comfortable and ergonomic office space for employees. They focused on work quality and used

Workplace’s latest research on designing neuroinclusive workspaces to guide the design.





The designers ensured good acoustics of the office space and emphasized the shaping of natural

lighting. Glass curtain walls are used in appropriate places to ensure that natural light penetrates

deep into the space. Carefully selected materials with different textures were used in the project

to positively impact employees’ senses. The purpose of this design solution is to support the

brain's energy recovery, thereby increasing productivity and user comfort.





Working in partnership with the client, an office is created that meets the needs of employees,

the planet and the business. The project uses environmentally friendly materials wherever

possible, such as recycled carpet without asphalt underlay or PET felt on the walls and ceilings.

The result was a space that was not only functional but also beautiful. This office is like a

"jungle", with indoor and outdoor green plants complementing each other. Employees receive

a well-thought-out and harmonious working environment.





Employees of the company also praised it as "the most beautiful office they have ever seen."

The new office environment is not only environmentally friendly but also a space tailored to

the needs of employees, providing them with a comfortable working environment and job