Gensler designs an office for Gensler that will meet its needs for the next 10 years




6 communities

6 intentions, one experience 


In Gensler Atlanta's new office, design is not only a means of creating space, but also a ceremony

to welcome new life. After 12 years, Gensler decided to take a deep dive into the needs and desires

of the current office and reinvent the space into a unique experience. 





Gensler's office remodel will be a testing ground, rooted in both the city of Atlanta and Gensler's

employees themselves. Through dialogue and observation, early strategic purpose is identified

and a sophisticated experimental approach is provided. The design goal is not only to inspire and

embrace imperfection, but also to serve as a home that empowers everyone to experiment and

pilot new ideas. 





First of all, when you step into the elevator lobby, the gradient color seems like a sunrise, symbo-

lizing a new day and the belief that design creates a better world. Red guides you toward the floor’s

concierge desk, and just like the rebirth Atlanta is experiencing, Gensler’s offices should reflect this

moment and provide support for the next 10 years. 





The design of the office was inspired by Atlanta's neighborhoods, so the entire space is organized into

six interconnected neighborhoods, each with a unique intent while also serving as an intuitive wayfin-

ding and identification system.


Millard Hall - a dynamic venue where teams gather. The Design Lab - a playground for experimentation

and inspiration, blending physical and digital elements.


The District & The Industry - a team community that provides a space for connection and focus. The

Lot - a semi-public gathering space for sharing and collaboration. The Canopy - a purpose-built sanctuary

away from the noise to provide a quiet working environment.


Inspired by the flexibility of remote work, Gensler redefines the concept of workspace. A liberal policy

gives users the power to choose to tailor the environment to their needs. From quiet corners for focused

work to dynamic spaces that encourage collaboration, designs cater to every preference.





Imagine furniture choices that support a variety of sitting positions, creating a personalized and comfor-

table experience for everyone. This concept energizes the office, with energy flowing throughout the

space and inspiring creativity. 


At the same time, the design focuses on employee comfort and well-being. New space types such as

allgender restrooms, prayer rooms and lactation rooms have been introduced to support diversity and

inclusion within the team. It focuses more on the human touch, making employees feel more relaxed

and familiar, while also being more humane.