Dark and elegant | The office is also an experience showroom for the latest design trends




Capexus, an architecture and interior design company based in Prague, Czech Republic, recently

moved into a new office they designed for themselves. Diversity, flexibility, experience, and

carefully considered space design ultimately perfectly interpret the designer's rich experience,

unique needs, and clear corporate culture.





#01 A living showroom that showcases the latest design trends


The design is based on the concept of "living showroom" (work showroom) to create a real

modern workplace that customers can see and experience with their own eyes. With nearly

1,500 square meters of interior space, diverse and innovative design elements can be found

in every corner.





This office was designed not only with ourselves in mind, but also with our clients in mind. We

tried to create an inspiring, multifunctional space where you can go to lectures, have meetings,

have a cup of coffee or design your new office. "It was a challenge to give such a multifunctional

space an engaging design expression while maintaining a high degree of flexibility and

changeability," said Martin Zidek, codirector of the firm.





#02 Detailed functional layout


It is crucial for us to create a fully functional layout. Our goal was to design an open, clear and

open space atmosphere without sacrificing privacy and acoustic comfort. Group the work

departments that require quieter work in a quiet inner courtyard, while the more dynamic sales

department is closer to the customer area.





The stunning views of the Vltava River and Vysehrad also become an integral part of the office. The

placement of each meeting room, phone booth, table or chair was decided upon through discussion

with the entire project team.






The plan of the office is in the shape of two wings. On one side is the design and drawing team, on

the other side is the team building the execution. The coffee bar in the center acts as a connecting

link between the two sections.





The team's positioning reflects, in part, the logical order in which we design and build projects. The

emphasis on flexibility also brings with it a high degree of variability in work patterns that continues

to change throughout the workday.





#03 The work space is also an exhibition hall


We had a clear vision for the design of the new office. We wanted to showcase all trends and

possibilities for ceilings, floors, walls, finishes and interior furniture while maintaining a unified

design philosophy. Our "living showroom" took several months to create, and we realized that

designing an office for ourselves versus designing an office for someone else is a completely

different discipline.





The color palette of the office reflects the different working communities (architects, sales staff,

cost managers…). Main materials include solid wood (natural birch plywood), glass (clear, tinted,

textured and curved) and metal.





Linear lamps set the direction of movement in the space; circular lamps dominate workstations

and coffee areas. It is also worth mentioning that there are a large number of living and artificial

plants in various forms, which are either suspended from the ceiling or climbed on the wall. The

living green wall creates a unique decorative effect, enhances the comfort of the space, and

brings a unique emotional experience.





In addition, custom-designed artwork by artist Marek Ehrenberger is a feature of the project,

conveying the company’s values and supporting the creation of the environment. Speaking of

benefits, our colleagues also have access to a yoga room for work workshops, training and

exercise, and a spa room for relaxation and massages.





Another great bonus is the fully equipped kitchen space. This creates a pleasant place for special

events such as large company gatherings, communal lunches, our famous Monday breakfast or

the regular Christmas cookie baking. It's these thoughtful details that bring our team together

and make the office more than just a place to work.