Coca-Cola Switzerland headquarters office space design



                  Swiss Coca-Cola Headquarters Undergoes a Transformation


Swiss Coca-Cola HBC Company aspired to create a refreshed, appealing, and forward-looking

headquarters office space in Switzerland. In collaboration with the client, design firm OOS

crafted a brand-new building located near the Grat Park, nurturing an interior design concept

aligned perfectly with the company's vision and culture. Leveraging strategic change manage-

ment, OOS not only accomplished the spatial transformation but also achieved a reshaping of

the work culture.





This brand-new two-story headquarters building has been envisioned as a collaborative domain.

The diverse brands of Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland served as the wellspring of design creativity,

seamlessly integrated into the spatial layout. Various work zones and spaces have shaped a

distinctly personalized office environment for employees, catering to a range of collaborative and

confidential needs.




                  Space Design Aligning with Vision and Culture


The primary goal of the office space is to facilitate close, serendipitous interactions that spur

greater innovation and the collision of knowledge. To achieve this, the reception area, all works-

tations, and the cafeteria are strategically located on the third floor. This layout carefully prevents

the mingling of internal and external personnel. The organization and design of the office space

follow biophilic principles, aimed at enhancing employee productivity, engagement, and overall






Clever Optimization of Workstations and Zones


Through iterative optimizations of the workstation areas, a successful achievement of a 65%

shared desk ratio was realized, enhancing the overall layout. Within an approximate 3100

square meters of space, 160 workstations were created, offering a flexible office environment

for 245 employees. This layout not only fosters social interactions but also adeptly balances

the need for information confidentiality. Simultaneously, it aligns with the company's flat

management style.





The new headquarters of Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland has successfully crafted an efficient and

human-centric collaborative office space through tailored spatial design and layout optimizations,

vividly integrating brand culture into the practical work environment.


Case Inspiration:

Project Requirement: Establish a new, enticing office space, develop a design concept aligned

with company culture, and facilitate a work culture transformation. Space Highlights: The new

headquarters is a two-story collaborative space; the inspiration from brand diversity is translated

into diverse spatial configurations. Functional Highlights: Accommodate and support various

forms of collaboration and confidentiality levels.


Interior Design Expressing Vision and Culture:

Office Layout Goal: Foster close and serendipitous interactions. Design Well-being: Adhere to

biophilic principles to enhance employee engagement and health. Functional Zones: Differentiate

between work and non-work areas.


Workstation Arrangement:

Set shared desks proportionally as needed (65% shared ratio). Optimize workstation quantity

within limited space (160 workstations for 245 employees). Balance team interaction and work

privacy. Reflect a flat management style.