M&W participates in the official opening of the world-renowned MAHHUB brands





For the first time in Mongolia, the showroom of the world-famous MAHHUB brand has been officially

opened. The brand is a leader in technology and quality, producing 1 in 3 office smart boards used



SANKOU MARKETING MONGOLIA will be the official partner of the MAXHUB brand in Mongolia, which

creates business growth and increases productivity. Since the company was established in 2006, with

the mission of reducing office stationery costs and increasing employee productivity, KONICA MINOLTA

Corporation's Bizhub brand multifunction copiers have been sold in Mongolia with official exclusive

rights, and for the first time in Mongolia, Japanese standard after-sales maintenance has been provided

by a professional engineering team, which is new to the market. introduced culture.


Today, the team opens the next page of its business to provide comprehensive services to create a

modern smart office. This year, the company has the right to officially supply the products of M&W,

which is considered the best in the world in office furniture production.


In this way, our companies can order a complete office with the most comfortable, ergonomic, high-

quality furniture, the most productive technology and devices, just like the most productive offices in

the world.


The M&W brand has produced office furniture for the world's top 500 companies, and most of the

products have been supplied to large Japanese companies with high standard quality requirements.





At the opening of the official showroom of the MAXHUB brand in Mongolia, Shimizu Norimasa, CEO

of Japan's Sanko Seiki JSC, investor of Sanko Group, G. Nyamdelger, director of Sanko Marketing

Mongolia, Robbor Zhou, director of sales of Foshan M&W Furniture, and founder of New Mongolia

Harumafuji School. Harumafuji D. Byambadorj, the 70th Grand Champion of Japanese professional

sumo wrestling, cut the opening ribbon. The event was also attended by Sanco Group executives,

universities, secondary schools, educational institutions, and private sector representatives.





Thus, anyone who visited the MAHHUB brand showroom, which was opened yesterday /10.10/2023,

not only got to know the brand's most modern and multi-functional smart boards and screens, but

also had the opportunity to organize training and meetings with the organization.


In the DIGITAL CLASSROOM with a capacity of 30 people, which is a part of this showroom, it is

possible to organize meetings to increase teamwork and creativity, such as various trainings and

brainstorming, while in the VIP BOARDROOM with a capacity of 15 people, you can meet with foreign

and domestic partners in a more comfortable and digital environment. It is possible to hold official

meetings and conferences.





There will be experts who will advise on the use of all equipment during the organization of confer-

ences and meetings, and other services such as snacks and meals will also be provided.





Sankou Group has been operating in the fields of industry, renewable energy, and information

technology, and for many years has been supporting the training of Mongolian engineers capable

of working in the global market by providing scholarships, providing internships and training to

Japanese companies, and recruiting. This time, during the opening of the MAXHUB brand showroom,

the 5 best students of SHUTIS were also awarded regular scholarships.





During the opening of the MAXHUB brand showroom, a QUIZ question and answer competition was

held among the guests, and the winners were presented with a Bizhub 225i multifunction copier

(valued at MNT 6,000,000).