SL workstation:The First Choice for Open Offices




SL series adopts 2.0 steel pipe wall thickness, 30*60 connecting rod, 3mm aluminum die-

casting adjustment feet, welding and polishing process and quality, modular packaging,

die-casting aluminum connection joints, 2.0 wall thickness,13 kg middle foot, stainless

steel screws.





Solutions for table leg


                                              An office benching workstation can change different table legs quickly.

                                              We choose 3mm thick die-cast aluminum alloy but not plastic as adjustable foot, because the fragile

                                              plastic is possible to burst with the changing temperatures.



SL workstation assemble - M&W



Combination changeable


106 Captivating Screen Colors: Dive into a world of colors with our extensive palette of

106 shades. From the boldest blues to the softest pastels, find the perfect hue to set

the tone for your product.


13 Stylish Tabletop Panel Colors: Elevate your space with our selection of 13 exquisite

tabletop panel colors. Whether you're aiming for a classic look or a modern vibe, we've

got you covered.


2 Sleek Edge Treatments: Choose from 2 distinct edge treatments that add a touch of

sophistication to your product. Make a statement with a bold edge or keep it subtle with

a refined finish.


4 Versatile Base Styles: Your product's foundation matters too! Select from 4 distinctive

base styles that enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality. From sleek minimalism

to rustic charm, find the perfect match.


By mixing and matching these options, you have an astounding 44,096 ways to create a

product that's uniquely yours. Let your creativity run wild and craft a masterpiece that

not only fits seamlessly into your space but also reflects your individuality.



sl workstation parameter - M&W



Our table stand boasts an innovative extendable rod design, ensuring that no matter what

dimensions you're aiming for, the stand remains unaffected.



sl workstation assemble  - M&W



Say Goodbye to Installation Worries


Our design philosophy prioritizes simplicity and efficiency. With just 2 screws, you can effortlessly

assemble the entire workstation. No more headaches or frustration – enjoy a seamless setup

experience that lets you get to work in no time.



sl workstation details - M&W



Efficiency at its Best: Streamlining Warehouse Retrieval

with Alphabetically Sorted Components.


At our core, we understand the value of time. That's why we've taken meticulous care to organize

every component using English letters. This strategic move ensures lightning-fast warehouse

retrieval. No more sifting through clutter – our alphabetically arranged parts make restocking a

breeze. Experience seamless operations that save you time and keep your workflow running

smoothly. Your efficiency is our commitment!



sl workstation parameter - M&W