T3 partition:Ultra-thin partition workstations




T3 partition is a 32mm partition thickness, 1-1.5 aluminum thickness partition, Interlocking

installation, superposition function, can accommodate about 15 wires with a diameter of

8mm.Next, we will elaborate on the characteristics of T3 partition one by one.


T3 Partition allows workstations to easily combine L, T, and X-shaped connections, creating

flexible and customizable workstations.





Say goodbye to screws and complicated installations. With our innovative interlocking mechanism,

simply snap two partitions together effortlessly. Enjoy a hassle-free setup and create a sleek,

modern workspace in no time!





                                               Our product's dynamic adjustable armrests, offering seamless height customization for

                                    the desktop panel. Catering to diverse user needs has never been easier.





                                    Partition Finish


                                   (1)Fabric: 107 colors available

                                   (2)MFC tile: 13 options

                                   (3)Glass: transparent glass / frosted glass / colored glass

                                   (4)Metal tile


                                   (6)Acoustic panel

                                   (7)Pin board

                                   (8)Magnetic board





                                               Say goodbye to uneven floors and height discrepancies. Our workstations are equipped

                                    with these innovative feet, ensuring a perfectly level surface for your ultimate comfort

                                    and convenience.





                                    With a wide range of accessories to choose from, you can personalize your workspace to

                                    suit your specific needs.





                                    T3 all support the panel stack on function. Different colors or materials can be selected for

                                    different panels. Increase/decrease the module height to keep the privacy of the office

                                    environment, so that the office workstation presents a variety of changes.