Lion Dance Cup · International Industrial Design Competition!


On September 21, the 2020 Foshan National High-tech Zone "Awakening Lion Cup" International Industrial Design Competition - Smart Home Innovation Application Workshop kicked off in Nanhai Park, Foshan High-tech Zone. The event was sponsored by the Foshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, co-organized by the "Waking Lion Cup" Organizing Committee and Entrepreneurship 18mall.


At the beginning of June, Foshan National High-tech Zone "Awakening Lion Cup" International Industrial Design Competition was officially released to the world. From July to August, three consecutive "Lion Wake Cup" International Industrial Design Competitions - Robot Innovation Application were held in Foshan High-tech Zone. The workshop activity has attracted the attention of a series of college students. In just one month, more than 200 students have spontaneously signed up to participate in the "Awakening Lion Cup" robot workshop activity.


The alliance and the intelligent robot companies in the CNC Equipment Research Institute of Guanggong University provide services and guidance throughout the process, and conduct closed training for the participants. The participating young people are enthusiastic and have achieved good results. This time, Foshan High-tech Zone continued to target the local smart home industry and set up the "Xing Lion Cup" smart home innovation application workshop.


Combined with the development momentum of the smart home industry in Foshan High-tech Zone, one of the highlights of this event is that the design enterprises will lead and cooperate with the teachers and students of colleges and universities to conduct targeted practical workshop explorations for enterprises. In the "Lion Cup" International Industrial Design Competition, try to set up robot workshop and smart home workshop activities, explore an effective model, promote the cultivation of talents and the upgrading of technology, and strive to achieve the cultivation and cultivation of talents and innovative projects in the smart home industry. In turn, it can drive the transformation and upgrading of the smart home industry in the region.