Visit M&W! Nanhai Family Association Explores New Models to Help Members Market Development


On January 11, the Nanhai Family Association held the first symposium in 2021 and the project negotiation meeting of Changtian Furniture Industry City in Guizhou.

Mr. Liao Shunnan, Chairman of Nanhai Family Association and Chairman of Diorby Furniture, Mr. He Guangrong, Executive Vice President, Chairman of Xinda Govan, Mr. Shen Hongping, General Manager of Changtian Furniture Industry City, Ms. Wang Ping, Marketing Director, and M&W, Executives from Yiao Furniture, Jinxianhua Furniture, Lixing Furniture, Aushujian Furniture, Jintiantuo Furniture, Jinlongheng Furniture and Jialan Sanitary Ware attended the meeting.

After the meeting, leaders of the sister companies of the Nanhai Family Association and Changtian Furniture City visited M&W and Jinhua Company. Visited our company's corporate culture exhibition hall. Through pictures, honorary awards, management achievements, etc., the cultural concept was integrated into the usual high-quality service work, and the development history of M&W was shown to the Nanhai Family Association and corporate executives. And first-class window image.

Then I visited the product exhibition hall. The company's product exhibition hall area is designed in strict accordance with the requirements of the office environment, and the office environment for office workers in different areas is fully designed in detail. From the guidance at the front desk, to the customer lounge, negotiation area, manager office area and conference room. They are divided into different functional areas, and the product functions are rich and diversified, so that customers can feel a relaxed office environment, so as to improve the office quality and office efficiency of employees.

Finally, I arrived at the production area for on-site guidance, and visited aluminum material manufacturing, panel furniture, screen furniture, hardware furniture, mold and accessories production, etc. The entire work flow of office furniture was shown one by one. The production process, material and internal structure have a new and in-depth understanding.