M&W--Together Against the Epidemic (COVID-19)


Recently, there have been a series of confirmed cases in Guangdong Province, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is complicated and severe. In the face of the sudden emergency, our company actively responded to the call, deployed and strengthened the epidemic prevention and control work as soon as possible, quickly took countermeasures, intensified the epidemic prevention and control efforts, and made every effort to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, in order to win this epidemic prevention and control. All out to stop the war.


At each nucleic acid testing site, 16 M&W volunteers, together with staff, police, and social workers, each performed their own duties, with a clear division of labor, rapid action, and close cooperation. All links were smoothly connected, and protective measures were in place to guide the masses to take temperature measurements. , show the health code, wear a mask to enter the venue, and line up in an orderly manner according to the one-meter line prompts, and the nucleic acid testing work is carried out in an orderly manner.


What is scary is the concealment of the epidemic, and what is precious is everyone's responsibility!

Under the epidemic, everyone is a "fighter"! Everyone is the strength, the medical staff who are fighting on the front line, the staff who stick to their responsibilities, the social organizations and enterprises that donate love, the citizens who cooperate with each other... Multiple forces are twisted together and converge into the same belief.

This is the spirit and strength of unity! This battle against the epidemic will definitely be won!