M&W-Congratulations on your new beginning. Work through everything you want!


All M&W employees participated in the company's simple and solemn New Year's groundbreaking ceremony. Comrade He Guangrong, secretary of the company's party branch and general manager, on behalf of the company's shareholders, delivered a New Year's message to all employees, wishing everyone a prosperous new year, and all wishes come true. Be happy, devote yourself to the work, create better benefits for the company, and work together to achieve both material and spiritual harvests for all employees.


Challenges and opportunities coexist in the new year. M&W hopes that everyone can awaken the giants in their hearts, detonate their infinite potential, and meet the future. The various tasks will be very heavy, and I hope everyone can quickly devote themselves to the intense work to achieve a good start and a good start in the new year.