7,500 square meters of office,Four colors paint the four seasons in the office




This is an open, comfortable, future-oriented "third space" office experience that closely integrates

different elements of office and life, business and culture.


01 Design concept


The new office of Motie Group is located in Beijing Vanke NAVA. It is the latest work of architect

Jean Nouvel in China: he captured the red, yellow, blue and green elements from the Hexi color

painting and designed it into colorful colors on the exterior windows of the building. The louvers

make NAVA's louvers the keys to playing the rainbow; he traveled 18,800 kilometers to select the

last batch of Brazilian Kamarica rocks in the world... so history, culture, ecology, and art symphony






On the guide signs, in order to facilitate the quick arrival of new and old employees, external visitors

and other users, the project team has designated workstations, office rooms, meeting rooms,

conference rooms, negotiation rooms, brainstorming rooms, open booths, and open negotiation rooms

in the office space. Functional areas such as zones are numbered, and users are guided to quickly

reach the areas they need to reach through floor guidance, hangtag instructions, wall guidance, etc.





In terms of furniture selection, in order to improve the comfort of the office, the project team, furniture

suppliers, and design team conducted full discussions and communication based on functional

requirements in terms of furniture style, filling materials, finishing materials, finishing colors, etc.


02 Poetic ambition


The color tone of the lobby is black. Black represents the land that breeds all things, echoing the main

color of Motie Group's logo. Land represents heritage and everything is possible. The project team

named the main color of the lobby "Poetic Ambition."





For the selection of materials at the lobby front desk, recycled concrete shell panels with cast-in-place

technology were chosen. The concrete of the industrial era was blended with the rustic natural oyster

shells. After the surface of the finished stone was polished, the inlaid oyster shells suddenly appeared,

symbolizing the radiance of the industrial era. With the light of creativity, the iron grinder is like a

wanderer between the mountains and the sea, picking up oyster shells of the times.





03 Surge of passion


In terms of color use, the main color of the second floor is red. From north to south, four reds in the

red series, blush, Roselle, Jinyun, and ocher, are used in order to match different spatial functions to

form a red flow in the space. Experience, giving employees aesthetic changes and emotional comfort.





In terms of space and functional layout, the second floor has a deck area and an open negotiation area,

which together with the conference room and office rooms form an office space system. The conference

room and office room provide a relatively formal office experience, and the deck and open negotiation

area provide The relatively relaxed office experience provides flexible options for employees' different

needs. Employees can choose to work in a variety of postures.





In the wayfinding signage system, translucent gradient films are used in office rooms, conference rooms,

negotiation rooms and other compartments to ensure privacy while enhancing the spatial transparency

of the compartments.





The open tea area can also be used flexibly according to the nature of employees' business. It is

equipped with a variety of furniture combinations such as double, multi-person, water bar, informal

negotiation, etc. It can be freely combined to meet various usage needs and more effectively improve

space utilization.


04 vigorous growth


In terms of color application, the main color of the four floors is green, and a progressive color system

of ordered shades is used from south to north - Chun Chen, Plum Green, Water Dragon Yin, and Green






In terms of space and functional layout, a LOFT and open negotiation area are set up on the third floor,

which together with the conference room and office rooms form an office space system. Employees can

flexibly switch from one way of working to another according to work needs, further blurring the

boundaries between working methods and working hours.






The entire LOFT area is composed of three DuoStudio modules (side-by-side face-to-face working mode),

a Maker Commons module (flexible social dialogue working mode), an open ladder reading module and a

private space on the second floor (equipped with yoga mats, lazy people Sofa, etc.) are combined into a

creative space ecosystem.





The construction of the ecosystem also depends on the use of the environment. The new office is green

with green plants and abundant sunlight, filled with the natural atmosphere of plants. The sunlight is

refracted into the office through the south-facing colorful louvers. Outdoor plants and indoor green plants

fill the entire space, creating a Park-like cozy atmosphere.





05 warm sunshine


The main color of the fourth floor is orange. From south to north, the color gradually changes from amber

and orange to amber and Tang tea.





Health and happiness are the core of the design. Enjoy the natural light and aerobic office mode and

be immersed in the interweaving changes of light, shadow and color. The warm and bright open office

area allows employees to gain nutrients in a dynamic and comfortable office space.





06 Blue Universe


The main color of the fifth floor is blue, with three blue gradient colors of cyan, glazed and emerald from

north to south. These colors make people feel as if they are between the sea and the sky, watching the

waves burst into different shades of foam in the fresh and cool sea breeze.





With the completion of the layer-by-layer office ecosystem, a large-scale multi-functional lecture hall

equipped with technological supporting facilities is also urgently needed. The design of the lecture hall

incorporates design techniques such as volume, array, and change to enhance the value and

sophistication of the space and create a ceremonial conference space.