Entering LOré als Kiev office | Refined elegance in tranquility




L'Oréal's new office in Kiev, Ukraine, has once again made a stunning appearance as its previous

"unexpected" one, and was brilliantly presented by the TABOORET design team. Incorporate

L'Oréal's brand concept into the analysis and examination of space, and think deeply about

functional requirements around the core of people's changing attitudes towards things.





The first thing that shows the attractiveness of the space is the exquisite and elegant color matching

in this case. The comfortable and high-end light gray color surrounds the space. The addition of

natural green plants creates a tranquil atmosphere, thus presenting an innovative and artistic office

environment; relying on The rich functional layout meets the team's needs for efficient work and






The design of this case adopts the ABW work philosophy, allowing employees to freely choose their

workplace according to their own needs and preferences.





They can choose to work in open spaces, hold business calls in closed conference rooms, or hold

brainstorming sessions with colleagues in lecture and training auditoriums.





When they need a break, they can meditate in the tranquil space, play in the game room, or relax with

the aroma of coffee in the stylish kitchen dining area.




One of the most cozy corners of the office is the green garden with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows.




Here, the bustling cityscape outside is intertwined with the rich indoor green plants. At the same time,

the environmental sound design cleverly incorporates the chirping of birds, creating a garden-like

atmosphere like a natural ecology, bringing a comfortable and relaxing experience.


A quiet library area has been planned adjacent here, ideal for quiet work or meditation.





Ergonomic furniture and inclusive office design ensure the comfort of employees and visitors. During

the COVID-19 pandemic, conceptual design solutions were implemented in compliance with all rules

and restrictions.





The L'Oréal Ukraine office is an innovative and inspiring work environment that embodies the philosophy

of combining beauty with technology and sustainability. Thoughtful functional planning makes efficient

use of space, increasing individual and collective productivity for the entire team.





Its workspace design not only reflects L'Oréal's values and philosophy, but also aims to inspire employees

to continuously improve and achieve new milestones.