Italys Damiano Latini uses virtual reality technology to develop "super seat"






Italian furniture brand Damiano Latini collaborates with American designer Nicholas Baker. Using

emerging virtual reality technology, a stackable integrated seat Super Chair is designed.


“It takes a lot to create a classic, including good marketing, a savvy business strategy, unique design,

and a little bit of luck,” says Nicholas, whose recent collaboration with Damiano Latini is a case in point.





The Super Chair catches the eye with its sculptural design and unique silhouette. The integrated chair

body is made from 100% recycled polypropylene and was developed and designed entirely using

virtual reality 3D modeling technology.


Nicholas, who is an inventor by nature, turned to virtual reality technology as a way to bridge the gap

between traditional sketching and CAD modeling, ultimately making design work more efficient.





For the past six years, Nicholas has been using virtual reality technology in practice, mainly using

a program called Gravity Sketch, which has been very helpful in his design process, most notably

in both mixed reality and product iteration speed. aspects.





Mixed reality allows designers to optimize the scale and proportion of designs, such as being able

to project a chair in a studio space as if it were a real object in the studio. Designers can walk

around the space and observe models. This technology is a game changer for traditional design,

especially for chair design. Nicholas said he would build a rough functional prototype and overlay

a virtual reality model on top so he could sit down with the headset on and feel like he was sitting

in the real product.


Nicholas said: "With Super Chiar, we had to ensure that its thin surface was structurally stable and

ergonomic. Although VR technology still lacks some engineering parameters, as the technology

advances, one day we may even There is no longer a need to use a mouse and keyboard. Because

you can create with your hands in virtual reality technology, our design and product iterations are 10

times faster than with a mouse and keyboard, which can shorten R&D and design time."






The minimalist silhouette of cantilevered chairs has captivated designers and consumers alike for

the past century. Of course, there are plenty of cantilevered or “S” shaped seats, but the Super

Chair adds a diagonal line to the silhouette. Viewed from the front, the seat appears as a single

piece, contrasting with the side view. This ingenious design has a striking simplicity and overall



With the full support of Damiano Latini, Nicolas finally turned his concept into reality. At the same

time, he also received support from the company SPM SpA to use the latest technologies in plastic

manufacturing in the seats.






Super Chair uses SPM SpA’s molding technology, and its main material is 100% recycled polypropy-

lene. Polypropylene is a versatile thermoplastic polymer that is durable and long-lasting. The polymer

part is obtained from scraps and industrial waste recycling without using petrochemical resources,

achieving a high degree of environmental protection.


Material selection is only part of the equation, and often the designer does not have the final say on

where the materials come from. Nicholas said: "I personally strive to incorporate environmentally

friendly and sustainable materials into the design where possible. I like designing products like the

Super Chair, which has a challenging design approach and environmentally friendly materials; it is

stackable for easy transportation and reduces the cost. cost and future storage area. The integrated

design improves production efficiency, avoids possible failures in other components, and also eliminates

the installation and maintenance of the product..."


Damiano Latini is a furniture brand dedicated to the design and manufacture of furniture accessories

and customizable modular systems.