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 Matsu Mingli, as a leader in the office furniture industry, has always been committed to providing

 highquality office space solutions for the education industry. We understand that the educational

 environment has a crucial impact on the learning and productivity of students and teachers.

 Therefore, we continue to innovate and use high-quality products and services to help the education

 industry create comfortable, efficient, and smart office spaces. 





 Project 1 Introduction:

 China Europe Business School is China's first and Asia's leading international business school,

 committed to cultivating business leaders with a global vision and social responsibility. 





 Matsu Mingli provides customized office furniture solutions for China Europe Business School

 to create a modern, fashionable and comfortable learning and working environment,   helping

 the business school improve its overall image and teaching quality. 





 Project 2 Introduction:

 Asia-Europe Business School was co-founded in June 2015 by the world's "double first-class"

 construction university East China Normal University and the prestigious European school

 emlyon business school in France, and was jointly established by the Shanghai Minhang

 District People's Government and Shanghai Zizhu High-tech Zone (Group) Co., Ltd. support.

 Committed to cultivating management talents with global vision and cross-cultural capabilities

 for the business community in China and Europe. 





 Matsu Mingli provides Asia-Europe Business School with a complete set of solutions to meet

 different space and functional needs, creating efficient and practical learning,   communication

 and office spaces for the school. 





 Project 3 Introduction:

 "Wujiaochang College" was jointly established by the Yangpu District Government and famous

 universities in the region such as Fudan University, Tongji University, Shanghai University of

 Finance and Economics, and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. "Wujiaochang

 College" is a nonprofit education and service organization. It is also an innovative and entrep-

 reneurial university without walls and non-traditional teaching in the context of the new era.

 It is connected by the north and south buildings. In terms of regional functions, the north

 building is mainly an office area, supplemented by a public leisure area; the south building is

 mainly a roadshow hall and conference center. 






 The north building was renovated from an old building in the 1960s and 1970s. In order to

 retain the sense of sedimentation brought by time, the original terrazzo floor was deliberately

 retained. Coupled with the LOFT-style ceiling, it creates a co-working maker space with a full

 industrial style. Due to the characteristics of terrazzo, strong and weak current planning cannot

 be laid out from the ground, but is replaced by wall wiring. Therefore, office furniture and

 equipment that require strong and weak current are mostly installed close to the wall in space







 The south building is a newly constructed space and still maintains the overall industrial style.

 Carpets similar to terrazzo are used. The Z-shaped space partition echoes the cutting lines of

 the ceiling and lighting, giving the space a unique future experience and life characteristics.

 Whether it is a formal largescale multimedia conference space or a small and medium-sized

 negotiation and collaboration space, the South Building has it all. 





 Project 4 Introduction:

 Suzhou Lake is an internationally renowned education group committed to providing high-

 quality international education to Chinese students. 





 Matsu Mingli provides Suzhou Lake with office furniture that meets international standards to

 create a safe, healthy and comfortable learning environment and provide students with a high-

 quality learning experience. 





 Project 5 Introduction:

 DeTao Masters Academy was founded in 2010, bringing together hundreds of industry experts

 and academic leaders from around the world, focusing on research in six major fields: design,

 fashion, art, business, animation, and film and television. 





 Matsu Mingli provides modern and comfortable office furniture and lighting systems for the

 experimental class classrooms at DeTao headquarters. Create a vibrant and creative office

 atmosphere to help DeTao Education improve its corporate image and employee work efficiency,

 and provide students with a learning space for cooperation, communication, and innovation. 





 Project 6 Introduction:

 Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, is one of the most famous public universities in Germany

 and enjoys a high reputation in the world. 





 Matsu Mingli provides high-quality office furniture to the Freie Universität Berlin in Germany,

 creating an elegant, solemn and academically-rich office space, and providing teachers and

 students with a comfortable and elegant working and learning environment. 


 Project 7 Introduction:

 It is the largest public university of applied sciences in Berlin and eastern Germany. It has

 more than 13,000 students and 75 programs in engineering, computer science, business,

 culture and design. HTW Berlin's international student ratio is 26.4%, one of the highest in






 Matsu Mingli provides modern office furniture to the Berlin University of Applied Sciences

 of Engineering and Economics in Germany, creating a simple, practical and fully functional

 learning and discussion space, providing teachers and students with an efficient and

 convenient working and learning environment. 





 Project 8 Introduction:

 Abu Dhabi University is the UAE's first public research university, dedicated to educating

 future leaders for the Arab world. 





 Matsu Mingli provides customized office furniture solutions for Abu Dhabi University, creating

 an office space that integrates Arab culture and international style, and enhances the

 international influence of the university. 


 Project 9 Introduction:

 The Goethe-Institut in Dresden, Germany is one of the most famous institutions for teaching

 German as a foreign language in Germany and is committed to promoting the German language

 and German culture. 






 Matsu Mingli provides German-style office furniture for the Goethe-Institut in Dresden, Germany,

 creating an office space full of German culture and providing students with an immersive learning






 Project 10 Introduction:

 The Aid Business School of the University of Oxford, UK, is one of the world's top business schools

 and is committed to providing high-quality education to global business leaders. 





 Matsu Mingli provides high-end office furniture to the Said Business School of the University

 of Oxford in the UK, creating a grand, elegant office space that highlights academic status,

 and enhances the international influence of the business school. 





 Project 11 Introduction:

 Project introduction: Western Academy of Beijing was founded in 1994 and has a history

 of 27 years. The school has about 1,500 students from 57 countries and about 190 foreign

 teachers. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Jingxi School was rated as one of the

 "Beijing 2008 Olympic Model Schools" by the Beijing Municipal Government, the Ministry of

 Education and the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. 





 Project 12 Introduction:

 One of the longest-running private universities in Austria. Founded at the invitation of Dr. Mayor

 of Vienna. It was the first university in the country to offer degree programs entirely in English,

 the first to offer an accredited MBA degree in 1985, and one of the first fully accredited private

 universities in 2001. 





 Project 13 Introduction:

 Germany Suedwestfalen Music Education Center The German Suedwestfalen Music Education

 Center is an exchange center for orchestras, ensembles, bands and musicians, and has

 received investment from the state government. It is a modern, acoustically optimized building

 with a large orchestra hall, chamber music hall, choir hall and 10 rehearsal rooms.





 The solid wood chair back can better support people's lower back during playing. Changing

 the sitting posture will also make the players' breathing easier, allowing them to operate the

 instrument more freely. Seat cushions with moderate hardness and softness are not only

 comfortable, but also allow musicians to sit more upright, making them appear energetic and

 full of aura. 





 Matsu Mingli has always been customer-oriented and constantly innovated to provide high-

 quality office space solutions for the education industry. We believe that a high-quality office

 environment can improve learning and work efficiency and help the education industry move

 towards a better future!