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T3 1200H

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The proper isolation effect not only offers enough space for personal work, but also does not affect the communication with colleagues, which will create an atmosphere of meditative work and convenient communication.

  • Interlocking installation
  • Corner connection
  • Vertical pole
  • End trim
  • Pole bracket
  • Cable channel
  • Hanging bracket
  • Accessories groove
  • Wires from ceiling
Call center,face to face cubicle,office partition

T3 Series

Material Choice

  • The thickness of the T3 series partition is 32mm, which is the

thinnest one in the T series.

  • The T3 workstation partition is made of 1.2-2.0mm thick aluminum.

Electricity Wires Management

  • We install the cable channel in the middle and bottom positions

of the partition to facilitate the staff to install the power cable and

data cable separately to avoid the interference of the magnetic

field generated by the power line.

  • The cable channel can be opened by turning up or down, and

can be taken out directly. The socket can be installed by

punching holes as required.

  • The incoming wires of the partition can be from the ground, wall

and ceiling at will, and the internal wiring of the partition can be

interconnected between two layers of cable channel.


Power Supply Socket

  • The cable channel can be installed power socket. We recommend

using 86 sockets to satisfy the aesthetic feeling and ensure the

safety of electricity use.

Simple Splicing

  • The panel and the panel are installed by interlocking, without any

screws, so the installation is convenient and fast.

Call center,face to face cubicle,office partition

Flexible Design

Adjust the desktop height at will

  • We install the partition bracket on the vertical pole, and can adjust different desktop heights according to needs.


Hanger installation

  • The hanging slots of the mid bar and the top bar of the T3 series cubicle workstation support employees to put the pendants on and help them store their office supplies.

Keep level with the ground

  • The bottom of each partition is equipped with 2 adjustable feet to solve the problem of uneven ground. 

Privacy Protection

Overlay function

  • T3/T8/T10 all support the panel stack on function. Different colors or materials can be

selected for different panels. Increase/decrease the module height to keep the privacy

of the office environment, so that the office workstation presents a variety of changes. 

Call center,face to face cubicle,office partition


Partition Finish

  • Fabric: 107 colors available
  • MFC tile: 13 options
  • Glass: transparent glass / frosted glass / colored glass
  • Metal tile
  • Whiteboard
  • Acoustic panel
  • Pin board
  • Magnetic board


The above are regular options. If you have special needs,

we welcome customization. 

Call center,face to face cubicle,office partition

Packaging Logic

  • We split the whole package into bulk to achieve flat packing, reducing the space

utilization by 80% and reducing the freight cost.

  • The elements of office furniture are split into A.B.C.D.E package, so that components

can be quickly found.

  • In order to make the product easier to identify, load and unload, we mark the floor,

area, color, size, 3D drawing and other basic information on the outside of the package

of each product element.

  • In order to protect the product from damage caused by transportation, we equip

bubble wrap and corner protector inside the package.

Call center,face to face cubicle,office partition